Live in Chicago

by Gar Clemens

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released November 27, 2012

Recorded by Mystery Street Recordings, Chicago, Illinois.



all rights reserved


Gar Clemens Greensboro, North Carolina

Gar Clemens' delightful Americana-influenced-folk debut full-length may be simple, sleepy and comforting, but it is also thematically captivating, and all too capable of stirring up the kind of nagging life sentiments usually reserved for when your head hits the pillow. (Jamie Downes // 07/01/14//United Kingdom) ... more

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Track Name: Ask Me Tomorrow
The nights before the days I miss her most
I see her dancing in my dreams on ballerina toes
Every time I come upon bright lights
I see her under 'em and she's dancing
Every time the wind takes me by surprise
I can hear her sing and I go on and on
And I start singin'...
Track Name: Sorry, Charlie
There ain't nothing worse than this old feeling
It wouldn't make any difference were I to say...
Day by day the days seems to get longer
And the nights are a little worse if not the same
without compromise by moonlight for needed change
Track Name: Roadside Hometown Kindling Blues
I can’t tell ya if you don’t know
Which way the wind will blow.
But I can take you down the road I’ve been
And show you how lonely it gets.

You can ask me though I can't tell
If trading horses would fair ye well.
But I can take you down the road I’ve been
And show you how lonely it is.

All the good in the years I once thought I knew
I’d call lies were I asked to tell the truth.
Those who bought the lies they today sell
Are just as lonely as well.

We strike down here with the hardest hand
What we fail to understand
In the town where I was raised most don’t see
And that place is lonely to me.

And those who refuse to be taught
Will never learn a damn thing at all
If I held out my hand to a drowning man to be refused
That’d make me lonely too.

When you’re blowing down the Road
There’s one thing to learn:
The past is all just drier wood to burn
What you bring is what you got
It better have good in it…
You’ll see how lonely it gets…
You’ll see how lonely the nights can get.
Track Name: You Know Better Than to Ask
Lemme tell ya honey why I toss and turn at night
Lemme tell ya honey why I toss and turn at night
In all my years I never done a damn thing right...